Reedy Creek: A Charlotte Mason Community   


Welcome to Reedy Creek! 

          Home education is not for the faint of heart, and trusting our children to a Charlotte Mason education after believing in the type of textbook education we all received can be a leap of faith. But it's more like a leap off a majestic cliff with the guarantee of winged flight that will allow our children to soar above the clouds, their hearts touched with joy and their lives blessed with the knowledge and love of God.  

        Welcome to a new way to do school. Here you will find support for your Charlotte Mason homeschool and a monthly newsletter filled with ideas and places to go here in North Carolina that will nurture your students' love of learning and boost their knowledge of God's creation and how it works. You will find a community of teachers with souls aloft and spirits attuned to the life we all believe in living alongside our precious children. Together, we meet weekly for life-sustaining gatherings to present a feast of living ideas to our students and to inspire them toward strength of mind and heart. 

        If you'd like to learn more about the Charlotte Mason educational method, I hope you'll join the community of teachers learning along with me at my blog. This website is a resting place for our newsletter and for articles that dig deeper into the Charlotte Mason method. It is also a place where we announce our local outings and classes. We're glad you're here. Grab a cup of tea and sit with us for a while. We hope your lives will be enriched for the journey.